Q1: What is your current game plan? Please share your classroom, school-wide, or district plans to launch your PBIS initiative this school year. For long time implementers, how do you keep the annual PBIS kickoff fresh?

Q2: Share your new posters, reinforcers, matrices, websites, or other PBIS materials for Fall 2019. How will these be used to support your school's climate and culture?

Q3: How is the beginning of the year different since you’ve implemented PBIS? What advice would you offer about the beginning of school to a school that is just starting out with Tier 1 supports?

Q4: What is one area of PBIS you hope to see the most growth in this year? What is your plan to support improvement in that area?

Q5: Describe a PBIS innovation you are excited about this year. Have you added a new approach with technology or repurposed an existing low-tech approach?

Q6: If this is your first or second year implementing PBIS, what are your wonders? What are you most excited about? What questions do you have about the framework or next steps in your classroom, school, or district?

Q7: How does your team or school plan for early intervention for students needing immediate supports as the new year begins?

Q8: Share your greatest piece of advice for a successful start to a new school year with students, parents and colleagues.