This is SOCIAL media—so jump right in and BE SOCIAL by starting and replying to conversations in a civil, friendly, polite, professional and positive manner.

Many are new to twitter and twitter chat; be patient with newbies (we were all there once!).

Person first language – “a child with a disability” , “a person with autism” instead of putting the label or disability first.

Remove hashtag for side conversations.

Cite your sources.

Respond to others by twitter handle using ‘@’.


Always use hashtag (unless side conversations).

Stay on topic.

Number your answers (A1 for Q1).

Save shameless promotion for last 5 minutes.


Twitter chats move quickly- be aware of topic and ready to engage and respond.

Be ready when the chat starts…If you arrive late, jump in. No need to announce you are late…we’re glad you are here and want you to join us right away with on topic tweets.